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Alternative To Grass In Backyard

Conducive To Exploration And Exercise

3 Sustainable Lawn Alternatives (for Cold Climates)

Your dog will want to explore, walk around, and just have fun in your yard. This means that your grass alternative should not harm their paws, snouts, and teeth. It shouldnt be sharp or hard and should stay relatively cool during the summer.

Dogs also like to carve-out paths by running along the same line constantly. Homeowners with natural grass know this all too well and have patches of bare dirt where grass cant grow because of the too-frequent traffic.

Best Alternatives For Dogs And Pets

Synthetic turf or artificial grass has the same look and texture of your typical lawn, without needing to be watered or maintained with a gas-powered mower, thus making it an eco-friendly lawn alternative. Many homeowners stay away from synthetic turf because they are thinking about astro-turf. Luckily, the design and manufacturing of artificial grass has come such a long way and they are not as easy to distinguish from the real thing. Synthetic turf is one of the best lawn alternatives for dogs because it holds up well with pets and will not die due to pet waste.

Alternatives To Lawns California Native Plant Society

  • Summary: · Meadows or No-Mow grasses Herbal lawns Low-growing ground covers Hardscape, such as a patio and paths Synthetic turf. Synthetic turf. Let
  • Matching search results: Although an herbal lawn made of yarrow or yerba buena has the same down-sides as any monoculture, it is more drought tolerant than a turfgrass lawn, and doesnt require weekly

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A Complete List Of Lawn Alternatives For Portland

At this point no one will be surprised to hear that lawns are shrinking and disappearing, even being banned. Almost everyone I meet with wants either less lawn or no lawn at all.

This raises a question: What can you replace your lawn with?

There are a ton of lawn alternatives, and I am going to list all the ones that work well here in Portland. All the options on my list meet these criteria:

  • They use less water than a lawn.

  • They also require less fertilizer.

  • Less time is needed to keep them looking good.

  • Are attractive if used properly.

Most of these grass substitutes can be considered more environmentally friendly, but a few are open to debate .

Use Bark In Shady Areas

Alternative To Grass In Backyard

Ideal for dark corners under trees where even shade-tolerant types of grass struggle to grow well, bark feels more at home, although simple water-worn gravels work too. Choose natural stripped pine bark or similar and, for color and texture, add plants in areas not used for seating. Easy-care woodlanders such as wood spurge , Siberian bugloss , white wood aster , dusky cranesbill and lungwort are tough and need no maintenance once established.

With bark, you can simply spread an 8-10cm layer over the soil, but it will need topping up every other year. Alternatively, use landscape fabric to keep weeds down, make slits with a Stanley knife and plant through.

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Grass Alternatives: 7 Low

  • Summary: · Drought-tolerant landscaping Grass alternatives Ajuga Asian Star Jasmine Athletic courts: tennis, basketball, volleyball Fire
  • Matching search results: If youve grown weary of mowing, edging, blowing, and fertilizing your lawn, these grass alternatives may be viable options for saving you time, money, and hassle. Grass is not the only way to landscape your property. These six alternatives allow

Why Choose Grass Alternatives

Shade isnt the only reason to choose lawn alternatives, although its a big one. When you try to grow grass in a shady area, youre likely to end up with more dirt patches, moss, and weeds than grass. A shade garden just looks nicer.

There are other good reasons to ditch the grass and choose a back yard or front yard shade garden:

  • You wont spend as much timeor any at all if you replace the grass entirelyon mowing the lawn.
  • Grass is a monoculture, in other words ecologically boring. By increasing a diversity of plants in place of grass, you support local wildlife, including pollinators.
  • Choose native species for a shade garden, and you make an even bigger positive impact on the ecosystem.
  • You will spend less money and fewer resourceslike wateron grass alternatives for shade.

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Idea #15 Add A She Shed

Lynda McFaul/ Shutterstock

Sheds arent always for storage they can be an added space for enjoying the outdoors in style. Create a she-shed complete with seating, an outdoor rug, and fun lighting elements.

  • From shabby chic to modern, to fit your personal style.
  • Estimated project cost: Approximately $1,600 for an 8 x 10 precut shed kit with widows.

The Cost Of Grass Alternatives

Beautiful No-Mow Yards: 50 Amazing Lawn Alternatives

Once you have decided how you want to use your yard and what features you would like to include, the next step is considering your budget.

For example, an outdoor kitchen would be an excellent addition to any backyard, but they can become quite pricey quite quickly, particularly when you add in running electricity and a water line to your patio. But if your budget does not allow for a full backyard kitchen, you still might be able to install a built-in barbecue and design a wallet-friendly alternative.

Or, if an in-ground rock fire pit is above your budget, you could still create a cozy place to stargaze or entertain with an affordable, portable fire pit and inexpensive patio furniture.

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Consider Ground Cover Plants

This Japanese-style garden by Maitanne Hunt Gardens uses the moss-like Soleirolia soleirolii as a lawn alternative

Love the lush carpet grass creates, but not the upkeep? Dont worry, there are plenty of other plants that are up to the job when it comes to alternatives to grass. Mat forming plants such as Rupturewort and Bugle are quick to establish and will form a tight mass of leaves in next to no time.

Corsican Thyme releases a fresh, zesty fragrance when trodden on while Creeping Thyme has clouds of tiny purple and white blooms during summer and is a magnet for pollinators.

Although many dont cope with the wear and tear of constant footfall, these ground hugging beauties will instantly spruce up an open area with color, texture and interest.

The team at Maitanne Hunt Gardens share their knowledge of a recent project. ‘We used Mind-your-own-business as an alternative to moss used in Japanese gardens, taking advantage of its naturally mounding, creeping habit to create the impression of the Japanese hills. Vigorous and low growing, this largely evergreen little gem rapidly creeps over the soil surface, filling gaps between paving or bricks and cloaking imperfections, creating a seamless sea of lush tiny bright green leaves.’

You’ll find more of the best ground cover plants in our guide.

Never Mow Again: Front Yard Lawn Alternatives

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These no mow lawn alternatives are perfect for the front yard or where grass wont grow.

Did you know that grass is the biggest irrigated crop in the U.S.? And we cant even eat it! That seems like a waste of water and resources.

I like having a beautiful yard. However, all of the mowing, edging, watering, fertilizing takes precious time from my life.

Lawn care also causes some serious problems, such as noise pollution, air pollution, and chemical runoff pollution from fertilizers and weed sprays. Plus, large amounts of water are wasted keeping grass green in summer.

When I started realizing the ROI of keeping my front yard covered in grass was not making sense with my finances or how I spent my time and energy, I started looking into front lawn alternatives. And Im so glad that I did!

Lets face it, I had mostly weeds and dead spots in my lawn anyway!

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Alternatives To Grass What Can I Have Instead Of A Lawn

Its a well known fact, although often overlooked, that lawns are hard work. If you want a low-maintenance garden that looks great all year round, a huge expanse of lawn is simply not the best option. Lots of people opt for lawn as the obvious choice its relatively cheap to install and its soft enough to lay on, or kids to play on. However, weve found some fantastic, natural alternatives to grass to help you keep maintenance to a minimum.

Here at Design for Me, weve helped thousands of homeowners all over the UK to find the best garden designer for their project.

Get matched within minutes and see whos interested Get no obligation quotes

  • Minimal watering and no mowing needed,
  • tough so you can walk on it,
  • and hardy so should look good in all seasons.


  • Usually more costly than grass to install,
  • but like grass, it isnt suitable for heavy use by children/animals.

Final Thoughts On Making Your Yard Dog

Easy being green

Most pet owners readily agree that their dogs are like family members. People are drawn to dogs because of their non-judgmental nature. Dogs love their owners unconditionally and we love them back the same way.

That being said, you want your yard to be a place where you are happy to spend time.

It does not need to be complicated to create a canine-safe place.

A few minor changes can go a long way in protecting your lawn from patches caused by pet urine and protecting your dog from toxins found in some plants and pesticides.

Whatever dog-friendly ground covering you choose, make sure you have sufficient shade and a cool spot where your dog can rest. This will prevent your dog from tearing up the yard to try to find a cooler spot.

Train your dog to relieve themselves in a predesignated area. If there is an area where they like to go to the restroom, consider adding gravel, pavers, brick, or pet turf in that area.

We believe our Pro Series Pet Turf is the best possible low-maintenance pet-freindly ground cover available today. Contact us to learn more.

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How I Replaced My Front Yard

In my own yard, I did a combination of things to get rid of the lawn:

1. Dug out sections of lawn by hand along the driveway and garden edges. Then new dirt and mulch was added on top to a level even with the adjacent areas.

2. Covered the remaining lawn with cardboard. I got big shipping boxes from the recycling pile at work. After removing all the tape, I opened them up and spread them across the yard. The cardboard will eventually biodegrade, which is good. In the meantime, it helps kill the underlying lawn and keep the weeds down until then.

3. Spread dirt and wood chips on top of the cardboard right away, rather than waiting for the lawn to die .

For someone with my level of patience , this was the perfect solution. I got to see major progress on my project right away.

Replace Grass With Micro Clover

Micro clover is a type of a small clover. It has tiny leaves and grows low on the ground. A micro clover lawn can be grown with a combination of grass and clover which adds nitrogen to the soil and reduces the need to use fertilizer. Growing a micro clover lawn is not very different from a regular lawn but it tends to grow faster than grass seeds. It will be dormant in the winter and grow back during the spring. It is capable of tolerating heat and drought to some extent.

However, it needs to be watered during intense heat and dryness. A micro clover lawn has to be mowed to 3 to 3.5 inches and no shorter. It is important to keep in mind that micro clover will produce flowers in the summer. If you dislike the flowers, you are free to mow the lawn to eliminate them.

These flowers attract bees, so if there are children about, it is better to get rid of them. Because the micro clovers add fertilizer to the grass, it helps the grass to maintain a healthier color for a longer period and requires less water and no fertilizer at all. The cloves grow densely which prevents the growth of weeds.

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Like Other Ground Covers Thyme Is A Very Hardy Plant

It tolerates light trampling, is drought-resistant and requires very little maintenance usually a simple mowing at the end of flowering is all that is needed. There are many varieties Thymus vulgaris is grown as a herb but can be kept low with mowing. Mother-of-thyme is a low creeping species.

Thyme grows well in the sun or in shade, on slopes and through rock gardens. In spring and fall it blooms into small purple or white flowers, it smells great all year round and it’s edible. You gotta love Edible Landscaping!

Thyme is also quite tolerant of salt, so it is ideal along the edge of roads, walkways and laneways.

More Sustainable Alternatives To A Grass Lawn

Lawn Alternative To Grass | Kurapia Ground Cover (60% Less Water!)

Adams County PA Master Gardener, BBG Graduate, and NRDC Member, Audrey Hillman

In a case of taking the grass is always greener a bit too literally, American homeowners have long strived to make their lawns brighter, lusher, and more velvety than their neighbors. But all that competition has a devastating environmental impact. Every year across the country, lawns consume nearly 3 trillion gallons of water a year, 200 million gallons of gas , and 70 million pounds of pesticides.

You may also know that turf grass, however welcoming it looks for our bare feet, provides virtually no habitat for pollinators and other animals and plants that make up a healthy, diverse ecosystem. In fact, these lawns can do substantial harm to the environment and to both vertebrates and insects. Birds, for instance, may ingest berries and seeds that have absorbed pesticides from the ground. Likewise, rainwater runoff from lawns can carry pesticides and fertilizers into rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans via the sewer system. This can poison fish and other aquatic animals and harm humans who swim, surf, and eat seafood that may be contaminated. And then, of course, lawn mowers can pollute the air.

The No-Mow Movement

Making the Change

Amanda Mae Taylor

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Replacing Your Lawn With A Patio

Maybe you would like to have a smaller lawn. A great option is to create a patio. You can do this with patio stones or bricks and line the perimeter of the patio with potted plants and tall grasses this adds beauty and color to your yard. Add a fire pit in the center of your patio and youre ready to grill and entertain.

What Are Alternatives To Grass

There are lots of different alternatives to grass in backyard areas. The one that is right for you will depend on your lifestyle and where you live. Someone in New England will have a different choice than someone in the Southwest. So, if youre interested in growing your own alternatives to grass, keep reading.

First, you need to decide whether or not you want your entire yard to be covered by groundcover or if you will let portions return to the wild. Or, you could even devote certain areas to ornamental grasses or a vegetable garden. Groundcovers spread easily but dont grow tall. So, they may have the appearance of grass but not the maintenance.

  • Groundcovers alternatives to grass like Creeping Jenny, Creeping Thyme, Sweet Woodruff, or Japanese Sweet Flag
  • Ornamental grasses
  • Perennial flower beds with native flowers
  • Artificial turf

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Perfect Lawn Alternatives For Your Eco

  • Summary: · 10 Perfect Lawn Alternatives for Your Eco-friendly Backyard · Creeping Thyme Lawn · Microclover Lawn · No-mow Grass · White Clover Lawn · Drought-
  • Matching search results: Having a lawn is just the tip of the iceberg as it requires heavy-duty maintenance. You need fertilizer, abundant supply of water and you might even hire a maintenance guy for it. However, there are also lawn alternatives that you can choose from

Artificial Grass For Dogs

Pin by Katie Stuart on Exteriors

Without a doubt, the best possible option for most homeowners who have regular jobs and dont want to spend extra energy, time, and money dealing with maintenance and pest control is fake grass designed for dogs. Synthetic turf is a wonderful option if you are sick and tired of dealing with a live lawn. Many families are choosing pet-friendly turf installation these days, and there are plenty of good reasons why its a trending option.

Pet turf is the definitive dog lovers dream. They dont have to worry about brown spots on the grass or bare patches. And dogs rarely dig into artificial grass.

Artificial grass is simple to clean after your pet uses it as a restroom. It has a smooth and level surface that makes it safe for children to play on.

An added benefit of artificial grass is that after your dog goes outside and plays, you dont have to worry about cleaning up patches of mud or blades of grass off of your wood floor. You will want to use a deodorizer designed to absorb the odor of pet urine.

Synthetic Turf Northwest offers an anti-microbial turf that solves this problem before it even arises so you dont have to worry about odors.

If you are concerned about aesthetics, pet turf does not look like Astroturf. It looks and feels like natural grass.

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Traditional Lawn Alternatives To Grass

  • Summary: · 15 Traditional Lawn Alternatives to Grass · Clover · Moss · Sedum · Thyme · Buffalo Grass · Pampas Grass · Sweet Woodruff · Blue Grama Grass
  • Matching search results: If youre thinking of replacing your grass lawn with something else, youre not alone. In recent years, more and more homeowners have been looking for alternatives to grass. There are several reasons for this, including the high cost of maintaining


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