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Small Pool Ideas For Backyard

Make It Moody With Dark Tiles

Small Backyard Pool Ideas – Pool landscaping Ideas and Designs

Ditch the traditional blue and opt for dramatic dark tiles. This is ideal for smaller pools as much like in small rooms, using a dark color can expand the space and make it look bigger and deeper. And isn’t there just something so glamorous about a black pool? It looks wonderful contrasted with the pale sandstone patio of this fabulous Australian home design by CplusC architects .

Opt For A Tiny Indoor Pool

An indoor pool is another possibility if you happen to have unused space on the first floor of your home. Because the planning of an indoor pool requires a bit more time and effort, this tends to be a less budget-friendly option, but it makes swimming a year-round activity.

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Swimming Pool Designs For Small Backyards

Aug 25, 2022 | Featured Projects, Pool Design Ideas

Let us not kid ourselves! In many US cities, more and more residential neighborhoods are popping up. Many backyards today do not have much space. A small backyard however does not mean you cannot have a swimming pool. In fact, a small backyard with a small pool design can go a long way, it has a lot to offer, and customizing your oasis is the best part. With freeform and linear designs, you can maximize the water area and add even add your favorite pool features, just as you would with larger sizes.

What is the Best Pool Shape for Small Backyards?

It is important to say, it depends. Every backyard is different, and you must work with your available resources. One important point, however, is that curved pools, such as the kidney shape, sacrifice some water area because they are freeform, but they also provide more decking space.

Remember, if you want to put out at least one lounge chair, you will need at least 7 feet of decking in that area. And if you want a table with chairs, youll need even more.

For this reason, freeform pools are prevalent in small backyards.

What are the Design Trends Today with Small Pools for Backyards?

Is it Possible to Include Pool Features with my Small Pool?

Of course! You can outfit a small pool with all the pool features you want that will fit in the space. The pool size does not limit aesthetic features like water features, fire features, lighting, automatic covers, etc.

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Fall In Love With Curves

Not a conformist at heart? Not to worry, as there are plenty of other options that go beyond the classic rectangle. Circular pools, those with semi-circular designs and ones in irregular shapes with cool twists and turns are becoming more popular with each day. Instead of offering a sterile, modern vibe, these pools can mimic the dreamy ambiance of a tropical retreat right in your backyard! The exotic design along with some amazing lighting will also help you look past the fact that the pool is relatively small in size. Much like in the world of fashion, curves are definitely sexy in the world of small pools!

Ready For The Competition

32 Awesome Small Pools Design Ideas For Beautiful Backyard Landscape ...

If your definition of having a pool is solely for exercising and getting yourself ready for a competition, then this indoor rectangle pol is the best for you. Having it indoors will help you focus on your game and will not let any noise bother you. The rectangular shape is perfect for you to practice your moves.

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Opt For A Raised Pool

In this small backyard, a small pool fits seamlessly into the raised decking, adding a small plunge pool while still allowing plenty of space for loungers, day beds, swing chairs, and even a lawn. Instead of tiles this small pool is white-painted plaster, very chic, and mirrors the white cladding of the house too.

When deciding on pool deck ideas make sure you think practically as well as considering the overall look. You want to pick an option that’s safe, suitable for the climate of your home, and is durable.

Keep Fit With A Lap Pool

This lap pool is by Emerald Pool and Spas

Pools aren’t just for leisure they’re great for working out, too. So forget about installing a home gym and build a lap pool instead! After all, what could be better than starting the working day with a few laps in the comfort of your own backyard?

While lap pools are long by nature, they are also quite narrow, making this style of pool ideal for rectangular plots. And in some cases, like with this pool, you can also include an infinity edge to maximize a stellar view.

Add a few key pieces of the best outdoor furniture and you’ve got the perfect spot to relax after your morning workout.

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Add Plants To The Pool Area

Instead of surrounding your pool in concrete, why not try planting some pool-friendly plants on one or more sides? The above image features plants in the surrounding pool landscaping as well as in strategically placed planters along the rock retaining wall. This might cost $300 to $700 to integrate.

Go Classic And Elegant For Your Pool Ideas

40 Cool Small Backyard Pool Ideas

Elegant pool ideas like these will never go out of fashion

A curve of steps accented by a semi-circle shape neutral, mosaic tiling and a pool house nearby complete with French doors and a sloped roof this look is nothing short of elegant.

Classic-style furniture and giant urns atop creamy-colored paving add to the sophisticated scene. Meanwhile, plenty of foliage around the borders of the zone gives the space a sense of privacy and shelter. There’s everything you need for a relaxing afternoon spent poolside.

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A Swim Spa Is The Perfect Pool For Narrow Yards

A long, narrow yard is divided into different living and activity areas with this layout. The pool steps are the width of the pool, which is practical and creates a visual rhythm that complements the rest of the geometry of the yard.

This yard feels more like a balcony with the small square pool as the focal point. Bench seating beside the pool gives it the feeling of furniturecant you hear the pillows calling your name?

This small pool in a short, wide yard gives the homeowners room for a separate seating area. Different flooring create distinct areas for different purposes .

Lighting makes this pool a dramatic feature in this small yard. Half walls create a sense of privacy without making a small space feel boxed in.

This 16-foot Hydropool swimspa is installed like an inground pool, but it can be enjoyed year-round. Swimspas are designed specifically to fit in any size yard.

What Do You Need To Consider Before Add A Pool To A Small Backyard

‘The first thing that you need to consider is where your property lines are, what are your property line setbacks to a pool or spa, and whether the pool equipment must be within the setbacks or can sit on the property line.’ advises landscape architects .

‘This seems like a small detail but can make a big difference in your design. With every pool small or large comes pool equipment and zoning restrictions! Once you know the buildable envelope on your property for a pool, you can start to consider what kind of a pool will fit and look right in that space. Do not forget to consider that your pool needs to be fenced according to state and federal law. Think about this carefully, as it will affect your space in a small yard.’

Now you should consider the orientation of the pool and sitting areas. There is nothing nicer than evening sun on the pool so a western orientation is optimal. I always look to have reflections in a pool so siting a pool where a large tree will create reflections is important for the best Monet effect.’

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Small Pool Ideas: Shape And Design

Elongated rectangles can give a pool a modern edge or a mediterranean vibe, while circular pools offer a more boho or even a rustic feel. Design elements like tiling and even concrete stamping can add to the aesthetic youre aiming for, many of which youll see here. Once youve nailed down your pools design, be sure to incorporate things like potted plants, pool floats, and patio furniture that add to the vibe.

So if youre considering upping the cool factor of your outdoor space, get inspired by these small pool ideas that make a big splash.

Small Backyard Pool Conclusion

32 Awesome Small Pools Design Ideas For Beautiful Backyard Landscape ...

Small yards are the perfect space for small pools. They require less time to clean and their cost effective. If you have children, the pools are safer, but theyre not risk free. With a small swimming pool you can your pool designed by a professional or you can do it yourself.

Another reason why homeowners like the pool style is how it takes less tine to clean them. If you have a small yard, chances are you have enough room for a small pool. For many people, their dream home includes a pool where they can swim year round.

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Best Ideas For Small Backyards Pools

Who does not like swimming pool in a hot summer day? I know I do. I enjoy the idea of plunging myself into a cool water during a hot day right after work. Summer is synonymous to the long evening time and therefore, spending the evening in either a hot tub or a pool in a back yard is ideal to keep stress away.

Well, in order to enjoy the water, it is necessary to have a pool in the first place. As such, if you do not have a big back yard, then the following 7 ideas will save you headache and cost for the implementation of a small pools for your tiny back yard. Enjoy

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Small Pool Design Inspirations That Are Perfect For Small Yards

If you have a small yard or an outdoor area with limited space, should you give up on getting a pool?

For some people, the answer is no. Because even if you dont have enough space, you can still install a smaller pool. It may not be a lap pool or normal-sized pool, but you still get most of the same perks. You can still swim, relax, exercise, and feel refreshed after a quick dip.

You might be worried that it wouldnt look nice, but there are dozens of designs that can make a small pool still look amazing. You can even get attractive water features like fountains, waterfalls, and more to complete the look.

With a smaller pool, its not going to be limited to the backyard. You can install it in the side yard, front yard, and other areas of your home. As long as there are walls or fences, then the pool area will still be private.

It will also be easier to clean and maintain since there is less area to cover. For the price, its going to be less expensive but it will still be pricey. It may take less time and fewer materials to build, but you will still be using the same materials such as tile, stone, fiberglass, or concrete. Depending on the type, you may even need to get decking, but at least it wont cost as much to heat as you do for a huge pool.

If you want to install a small pool, here are 50 design inspirations to help you out. You may find the right style, shape, and design to fit your space and aesthetic preference.

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Inground Or Above Ground

Above-ground pools can be a good fit for small yards. But they also present some challenges.

The first challenge is theyre limited to the premade shapes offered by manufacturers. In other words, if you dont find a prefabricated shape that fits your property, theres not much you can do about it.

The other problem is an aesthetic one. For some people, even the best-looking above-ground pool doesnt compare to traditional pools. But if youre not one of those people, and you find a pool that makes good use of your space, by all means, go for it.

Small Backyard Pool With Wood Decking

25 Stunning Backyard Pool Design Ideas | Part 3

This small swimming pool is the perfect example of how you can have a luxurious pool without spending a small fortune.

As its surrounded by beautiful wood decking and a privacy wall covered in plants.

And while it may be small, it still has plenty of room for lounge chairs, umbrellas, and other poolside furniture.

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Make A Small Pool A Water Feature

Be inspired by this small backyard pool idea and double up your pool as a subtle water feature. ‘The best gardens all start with an internal and external simple focus. This is what creates the ease and the elegance of a design layout. I love adding a water feature in the pool something to draw your attention and make the space inviting and relaxing.’ says Janice Parker.

Go Sharp And Modern In Style

A fiberglass prefab pool by Latham Pool

Rectangular swimming pool shapes are a great choice for a more contemporary, urban aesthetic, as exemplified by this fiberglass prefab pool, which perfectly maximizes its courtyard-like space.

To keep your backyard pool ideas from feeling too cold and sparse, make sure you plant some greenery and incorporate a seating area or two. The addition of outdoor lighting to highlight your swimming space after dark is never a bad idea, either.

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Designing Your Own Backyard Oasis

Hopefully, these backyard design ideas helped you figure out some design elements that you might enjoy in your own backyard. Selecting backyard elements and design features is a fun part of the process. Its important to consider what will fit into your homes environment and be enjoyed by you and your family.

The elements in this Phoenix backyard are just a few of the many design options that we have available at California Pools & Landscape. Weve built a page that houses all of the Small Yard design ideas to create your ultimate backyard experience. To see all more design ideas visit our .

Love this pool design idea? If youre ready to start with your dream yard design, get started with one of our talented designers.

Get Started

Plunge Pool With Plant Vegetation Privacy Wall

50 Gorgeous Small Swimming Pool Ideas for Small Backyard (49 ...

This small backyard plunge pool is the perfect solution for those who want to enjoy a backyard pool but dont want their neighbors looking in.

As its surrounded by a privacy wall made up of plants and vegetation, which provides both privacy and beauty.

And while it may be narrow, its still long enough to do laps or enjoy a game of pool volleyball, thanks to its rectangular pool shape.

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Other Leisure Pools We Love With Size Options Under 600m

The Harmony: This pool comes in a 5.00m option and 6.00m option. By having the full length bench and steps on one side of the pool the design allows the deepest part of the pool to be well away from any house foundations. This can often allow the pool to be situated closer to the home which is a great benefit where space for a pool is limited.

The Elegance: This pool has a 6.00m option. The Elegance is not only a visually stunning pool, but also one that maximises the space inside where you swim. The Elegance has a large unobstructed swimming corridor which is perfect for swimming laps. The central step location also incorporates generous seating area where optional spa jets can be installed to create a relaxing spa nook.

With all of the choices you have for a small backyard pool with Leisure Pools, are you ready to learn more about making a splash into pool ownership? Contact Leisure Pools today and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.

Plan Your Small Backyard Pool On A Budget With A Partially In

Halfway measures can sometimes give you the best of both worlds. For instance, many people think of pools as being fully in-ground or fully above-ground. But you can gain distinct advantages, and even save money, with a partially in-ground pool.

In this narrow backyard in Austin, the homeowners enjoy all the benefits of a big pool. Our High Performance Poollets Nelia do her triathlon swim training, cross-train, and relax. Among their small backyard pool ideas on budget, they installed partially in-ground with tiered decking for easier access they also used simple sailcloth for affordable protection from the Texas sun.

Small Pools on a Budget

With a partially in-ground pool, you need a fraction of the excavation that a fully in-ground pool requires. The deeper you dig, the more time it takes and the more risks you run.

While a fully aboveground pool would be even more affordable, partially in-ground pools have distinct advantages that can make them worth the effort.

You couldnât fit a full-size pool in this Bay Area backyard. Thanks to our Original pool, Debbie gets to stay fit on our Underwater Treadmill and relax after a long day in the poolâs temperature controlled water. The small pool still leaves her room for cafe dining.

The Perks of Going Partial

Partially in-ground pools are the easiest to get in and out of. The poolâs coping serves as seating to aid your entry and exit.

Assessing Your Small Pool Value

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