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How To Hang Curtains On Pergola

By Step Directions For Making The Outdoor Curtains

Back Yard Patio Pergola Curtains

Yes, theres a teeny, tiny bit of sewing involved for this DIY. You can do it, I promise!

Heres the long and short of it, guys. I only know how to do ONE thing on my sewing machine. And thats run a basic straight stitch.

To make these DIY curtains, I simply ran a straight seam along both sides of each panel, then another straight seam along the bottom and top of each panel. Done. Thats all .

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Each seam was about 1, which was easy with this gingham fabric because the squares in this material are 1 in size.

As I mentioned in the supply list, you could certainly try a no-sew version. I just cant vouch for how well theyd hold up to the elements since I havent tried that myself. As far as difficulty goes

The bottom line is, even as a novice seamstress, it took only about 20 minutes per panel. I made 6 panels for my pergola for a grand total of roughly 2 hours.

How Do You Keep Pergola Curtains From Blowing

The best way to keep pergola curtains from blowing in the wind is by weighting the bottom. You can do this in several days. You use a heavy link chain sewn into the bottom of the curtain. Also, you can use heavy fishing weights or stone sewn into the corners of the corners. If you dont want to weigh the curtains down, you can pin the curtains to the columns with tie backs.

The Easiest Diy Outdoor Curtains

Want to make your backyard feel like a fancy beach resort? Make these easy DIY outdoor curtains. They seriously take 10 minutes, and cost about $15 each.

Check out the new video tutorial:

Fabric shower curtains

I wanted curtains for my Costco gazebo, but the pristine whiteness was part of the appeal. And the idea of taking my gazebo curtains down to wash them once a week did NOT hold much appeal for me.

Did I mention I live in Seattle, where we have rainy days even in July and August? And of course rain makes mud. So one of my top priorities when I originally created these curtains was for them to stay clean and white, with as little maintenance as possible.

After plenty of research, I landed on polyester shower curtain panels. They look and drape like fabric, but theyre waterproof and can shed moisture and mud. Theyre easy to rinse off with the hose if something really messy happens and Im sure it will this year with our newest family member:

And I can throw them in the washing machine with some detergent and a little bleach at the end of the season before I put them away for the year.

This will be my sixth summer with patio curtains. They dont stay 100% perfectly pristine and white, but they look darn pretty good! Ive found that theyll last about 3 years. Ive never had any trouble with them fraying or shredding in the wind, but they do get a little dingy after a few years.

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What To Look For In Curtains For A Pergola

Curtains on pergolas or gazebos need to be suitable for outdoor use. Therefore, interior curtains are not the best choice because they have not been created for outdoor use and will not be durable enough to last.

There are many different types of outdoor pergola curtains. Here are some types of fabric that you should consider.

Pergola Curtains And String Lights

8Pack 50x120Inch UV Outdoor/Indoor Curtain Panel for Pergola Blackout ...

Talk about a match made in heaven: outdoor curtains and lights. Both pergola curtains and string light will give your pergola a more whimsical style. Notice how the owner has mounted these curtains. They placed the rod inside the large horizontal beam with a bracket. Thus, the curtains will close from end to end giving the gazebo more privacy.

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Apply The Hooks To The Wall

Take one of your 3M Command hooks, take off the paper backing on the adhesive strips, and line the hook up on the wall using the pencil mark for guidance. Press it on the surface well, holding for at least 30 seconds, then let it be for at least a half hour. Repeat the same for the other side. Dont be in a rush. Leave the hooks on for longer to be safe.

Instructions on the back of the packaging recommend sliding the hook up and off and then pressing the base firmly for 30 seconds. And then sliding the hook back on for use, to make sure youre applying enough pressure in the right spot.

Image by HomeAdvisor/YouTube

Can You Hang Curtains Without A Rod

You can still hang your curtains even without a rod. Here are some of the other options you have:

  • Curtain wires are used to hang your curtains with the help of some hooks fixed on your area. However, only use this for sheer or lightweight curtains because they cannot carry heavier drapes.
  • Ropes are used to enhance a country or cottage-styled space. They also best suit curtains with grommets. If you plan to use them to hang your drapes, stretch them as much as possible, so they don’t sag.
  • Cabinet knobs are used to hang tie-top curtains. However, this is best for sheers that stay in place because using them would mean you can’t move your drapes.

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Use Decorative Curtain Tie

The primary function of decorative curtain tie-backs is to keep curtains out of the way and help them look attractive when theyre open by cinching them in the middle. Curtain tie-backs are normally made from decorative rope, ribbon, or metal.

Metal ones are typically fastened onto the wall, while rope tie-backs are loose.

If you already use curtain tie-backs for your outdoor curtains, experimenting with them to see if they can help prevent them from billowing in the wind can be a great idea.

Of course, you still want the outdoor curtains to perform their primary function of protecting your guests from the outdoor elements. You could, therefore, consider tying them back, loosening some fabric from the top half of the tie-back, and arranging them so that they can provide some protection.

Your outdoor curtains wont provide as much protection as they would if they were completely open, but at least they wont blow around, and youll be partially protected.

Wind The Curtains Around Heavy Pot Plants

Outdoor Curtain Rod & Bracket Idea

This method of securing curtains so that they dont blow around in the wind is a little different. If you urgently need a good solution, you dont want to buy anything, or youre on a strict budget, you may want to try winding your curtains around heavy potted plants.

Itll work if you already have a few large plants or trees that have been potted in large and heavy containers. Since theyre very heavy, these pot plants will make excellent anchors for your outdoor curtains.

Youll need to wind the curtains around the plants so that the curtains still provide sun protection to your guests but that theyre also securely fastened to the plant. You can do this by tying a gentle knot around the plant.

If the curtains are long enough, you could secure the edge of the bottom hem underneath the pot.

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How Do You Install Outdoor Curtains

Overall, how you install outdoor curtains depends on the type of curtains you are hanging. Typically, curtains will either have metal grommets that slide onto a rod or velcro hooks that you’ll have to connect yourself.

“You can use a curtain rod, which is easily assembled or, if you are able, professionals can add curtain grooves or option for curtain pull downs,” Malarkey says.

How To Hang Patio Curtains Without A Rod

Hanging curtains outside can be a great way to add some privacy, shade, and style to your patio area. But what if you dont want to mount a rod?

There are several methods for hanging curtains without drilling. Here are my favorites:

  • Attach heavy twine or rope to the top of your curtain using metal curtain grommets . Then tie off each end of the twine or rope at either corner of the patio areathese will serve as points from which you can hang the curtains. You can also use large hooks instead of tying off the twine to give a more polished look.
  • Use outdoor eyelet hooks mounted on the wall above your patiothese will hold up even very heavy curtains. To attach the eyelet hooks to your patio curtains, use metal curtain grommets .
  • Attach curtain rings to the tops of your curtains, then hang them on a wire stretched between two posts or poles. You can find both posts and wires designed specifically for hanging curtains, or you can rig something up yourself out of PVC piping or wooden dowels.just make sure its sturdy enough to hold outdoor patio curtains.
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    Vibrant Outdoor Space With Hanging Daybed And Draperies

    Quick and easy updates brought springtime charm to the covered deck of the 2015 HGTV Spring House.

    Flynnside Out Productions

    An outdoor space is the perfect place to entertain friends and family, or to sit and have a cup of coffee before you start your day. But if the sun is too hot, or if your neighbors seem close enough to lean over the porch rail and swipe a burger off the grill, outdoor curtains, patio shades or outdoor blinds might just do the trick.

    Choosing the Right Treatment

    Outdoor blinds, patio shades and outdoor curtains all provide privacy and sun protection. But they have different looks and, in some cases different levels of both.

    Outdoor Curtains

    Outdoor curtains create an elegant, flowing look. Because they move in the breeze, letting sunlight into the space, they create a dappled effect, but dont provide as much continuous shade as the other types. When hung over a veranda or pergola entry, they can take on the appearance of an elegant, old-world portiere.

    The easiest way to install an outdoor curtain is with a tension rod placed inside the supports of a screened porch or pergola wall. Curtain rods made for outdoor use can also be installed on a wall, ceiling or inside mount.

    Choose fabric that is fade- and mildew-resistant, and manufactured for outdoor use. Take the curtains down in the winter to launder them and then hang them again in the spring.

    Patio Shades and Sails

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    Youll Need A Curtain Rod


    Note that the package does not come with a curtain rod. However, these grommet-style shades are very easy to hang on any standard curtain rod. Ive listed a suggestion below.

    These outdoor curtain rods come in either a brown or steel color and a variety of adjustable lengths from 28 to 144.

    The metal finish is weather resistant, just like the curtains. Therefore, be ready for easy care and low maintenance. They also give you the nice option of being ceiling or wall mountable. Just in case you are wondering, all of the hardware that you need comes in the package.

    Because this curtain rod is easily detachable, it makes it really easy to take the curtains off to wash, move or pack for the winter. Plus, if your pergola is portable, you probably want your curtains to be too. =)

    As you can tell by the top photo, these designed-for-the-outside drapes can really dress up a deck or even a front porch. Curtains have a way of making an outdoor room look plush, luxurious and inviting. No design experience needed!

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    How To Hang Curtains On Your Deck Or Balcony

    An open-air deck or balcony creates comfort in both small and large spaces. However, hanging outdoor drapes can be a challenge if you lack outdoor support beams. As long as your deck or balcony has a short fence or wall, you can build a custom setup.

    First, find a wooden beam that is tall enough to carry the length of curtains you want. Paint the wood a bright color using outdoor paint for an eclectic vibe, or stain it to match the rest of your deck for a more traditional look.

    Screw the wooden beams at either end of your deck or balcony. Attach eye hooks near the top of each post . Slide your curtains onto an outdoor curtain rod or conduit tubing and then slide the rod into the eye hooks. Make sure the rod is long enough so it doesn’t slip out of the eye hooks.

    If you don’t want to screw posts into your deck walls or don’t have deck walls, you can easily create standalone posts with concrete and a bucket. Gather the following supplies:

    • 5-gallon buckets

    Romantic Pergola With Curtains

    Give your outdoor area a more romantic look with gauzy sheer curtains. These dont provide as much shade as solid curtains, but specialty sheer outdoor curtains do have some UV protection and greater weather resistance.

    Sheer curtains are also helpful if you want some shade but you still want some air movement inside the pergola.

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    One: Determine Your Measurements

    Weve already talked a bit about this, but the first thing youll want to do is figure out how high and how wide you want your curtains to be from the corner of your window.

    For this, I just grabbed my first curtain rod bracket and held it up on the wall and played around with the spacing until I found something I liked. I knew I wanted the top of the bracket to be about 3 below the ceiling, and in this specific space I wanted it to be as far away from the window as it feasibly could be. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to have the bracket somewhere around 10-12 from the window .

    Once you know where you want your bracket to sit, measure exactly where the two screws should be placed . Youll use this to create your template. This is definitely the easiest way to do it if youre new to hanging curtains or if youve got multiple windows to hang them on. If youre working in a weird space like ours where the spacing isnt the same on both sides, it may be easier to just measure and mark on the walls.

    Heres How To Hang Outdoor Curtains With Wire From Start To End

    How to Make a Slide-On Wire Hung Canopy (Pergola Canopy)

    Buying extra rods for outdoor curtains might seem a bit unnecessary to you. In that case, you can very well go with a wire instead. However, those wires need to be of enough strength to hold the weight of your curtains. Also, a few other matters that well be starting with and then continue into the actual installation process. Keep on Reading

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    Use The Threading Method

    The threading method involves creating buttonholes along the edges of the curtain and threading the ribbon in a matching color through the holes. You can then secure the curtains to a nearby railing, post, tree, or other objects with the ribbon and tie an attractive bow.

    Of course, youll need to be happy to have holes along the sides of your curtains, but creating them can be time-consuming.

    However, the result is beautiful and is functional as well as esthetically pleasing.

    Six: Hang Those Curtains

    Once your brackets are all in place, youre ready to slide the curtains on and put the rod up! You just hung curtains!

    Im obsessed with our new gold velvet curtains in here and, while I was skeptical of them at first, I think they were definitely the right choice.

    One set of curtains down, about a zillion more to go!

    Baby steps, no?!

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    From Rods And Hooks To Rope These Hanging Methods And Curtain Types Will Have Your Outdoor Room Made In The Shade

    Nicole WhiteOutdoor Round Finial Drape Rod, Pewter Finishtraditional rodOutdoor curtain rodsJessica Brunogalvanized pipesblogger Jessica BrunoJessica BrunoLaura U Design Collectivecurtain ringsTiebacksStedila DesignCeiling-mounted hardwaretie topsComplete Home Improvement Group Inc.outdoor draperypocket panelsSilver Sea HomesCarole Carr Designgrommetstransitional-styleEggleston Farkas Architectsremote-controlled panelG Family, Inc.rope as a curtain rod

    Use Tension Rod Curtains

    Pro Space Outdoor Drape and Curtain 50x84

    Tension rod curtains are adjustable and stretch from one side of the window frame to the other. You can install them in minutes without any complicated measurements or installation.

    How to Use Tension Rods to Hang Curtains

    • Purchase the tension rod thats closest to your window frame size .
    • Test the tension rod by screwing or unscrewing the rod until it fits snugly inside the window frame.
    • Remove the rod, thread your curtain onto the rod, and then reinsert it into your window frame.
    • Easy to install and require no measuring or hardware.
    • Tension rods are best for sheer or light curtains.
    • Can be adjusted to hang from the top of the window or the middle for cafe curtains.


    • Tension rods are not strong enough for heavy drapes or blackout curtains.
    • Tension rods can become loose and slip over time.
    • Depending on your window size, you may need to order custom rods, which can be costly.

    Our Verdict on Tension Rods:Tension rods are best for light or sheer curtains on small windows.

    Price: Starting at $5 per rod, available at department stores or home improvement stores

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